Gum disease: medication of folk remedies

CoverAlong with the pharmacy drugs to relieve gum disease or preventing it, you can use a men's means, first of all it's varied broths rinse:Sage leaves and oak bark (1:1);Thyme;Chamomile;Oak bark, St. John's wort, yarrow (1:1:1);St. John's wort, yarrow, series, sage (1:1:1:1).Decoctions of some components to good prepare how follows: dry shredded plants pour boiling aqua at the rate of 400 ml for any two tablespoons of a collection, and then bring a mixture to a boil and boil for 5 minutes. So allow to cool to room temperature, and then obtained bisque rinse mouth some minutes daily. Chamomile does not request stewing, it simply pour stewing aqua at a rate of a glass of water 4 soup spoon of flowers, let it stand for 20 min, so strain. Use only in a shape of heat to 5 minutes daily.Oak bark (50 grams per 2 cups of water) contrary to thirty min to simmer, then cooled boiled water, bring to the original capacity. Rinsing can be cold-blooded and to eight times per day.If a hand is no grass, rinse with a decision of baking milk will also enjoy an antibacterial capacity.Alike posts:Cover Facials to 25 yearsMask Facial reasonable in the eveningCover Masks and face care '23.

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