Teeth whitening in a dental

CoverPre medic cleans the teeth of stone. Then directly used to teeth whitening specially selected drug. It has a much stronger concentration than the means used in the home. To the gums have arisen irritation, they are protected by a special agent.This process may take from 15 minutes to 1 hour, duration depending on a stained teeth. The effect is noticeable immediately following removal of a drug. However, the overall effect will be visible only later 2-3 hours. This method is particularly indicated for those who experience severe discomfort in a bleaching of tires. The cost of this proceedings is with 5500 rubles.Bleaching is also carried by the lamp and laser. This technique is suitable for those who expect immediate results. The whole process takes alone Thirty minutes. A medic is first applied to the gums protective medicine. The teeth are covered with hydrogen peroxide, and the medic is shining on them a careful lamp or laser. Exposure to cold bleaching light activates a elements contained in the preparation. These elements reveal a natural white color of a teeth. This approach is suitable for all types of pollution. Price - from 10 000 rubles.Resembling posts:Mask Masks for fase poreCover Permanent skin careMask Good facials and masks.

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