Capa and tires with gel: so to quickly whiten the teeth at home

MaskToday, the pharmacies can purchase a special kit with Burr, who filled with whitening gel. These caps are made of elastic substance. Under a influence of heartwarming aqua, they get highly plastic, which greatly facilitates donning.Capa gel for Thirty minutes to put on the upper and lower teeth. A bleaching gel which acts between the teeth, which provides a uniform color of the teeth. Mouth guards must be worn each time for one week.Tires with gel are often used in dental offices. They are a extremely active bleaching agent and able to handle even the most severe pollution, which are not easy to remove at home. First, the physician need remove the impression from a teeth. On a basis of a prosthetist will produce special gentle tires on a upper and lower jaw, and a medical man will select up a gel with a certain concentration of active whitening agents. Term effects of a gel is at least 6 hours, how wear comfortable bus for a night. Use them to 1 - TWO week. A cost of the process depends on a medicine used and is around 4, 000 rubles.Resembling articles:Cover Face care professional cosmeticsMask Masks for fase to 25Cover Facial acne.

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