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Folk remedies for toothache

How to remove a toothache: Rinse and brothsCoverHowever men's money, they may be used much more efficacious than pharmaceutical drugs, as they are time-tested, safe and rarely intolerable or cause any averse reaction.Dental drops may also be considered a folk remedy, even though they are sold over a counter. After all, the composition is not anything that would hurt: camphor, valerian and peppermint butter. Drops to drip on a more small cotton ball and place it on a tooth. It will enjoy to be repeated every 10 min until the pain decreases. It also helps fir oil, if put cotton wool with it on both sides of the tooth - Fifteen minutes.Gargle with baking kefir (1 teaspoonful. Per cup of water) is known to all, but you can create any anesthetic decision. Per liter of water put 1 soup spoon liter. Common sol, 10 grams of camphor and alcohol 100 grams of 10% ammonia. Stir a resolution to leave no white flakes, so soak a cotton ball in it and put it on the tooth.As a gargle, you can use alcohol - this will dull the pain. It is not indispensable to swallow - spit and rinse the tooth. This could be vodka, brandy or other strong alcoholic beverage.If the tooth is affected by caries, It is possible to drop into the hole clove butter - it has a good anti-inflammatory action. Dentists know this, clove butter is often used in dentistry.A decoction of sage - too old proven tool. It want be hot - cooled down does not help, and keep to rinse every 5 min until the pain decreases. You can put on a part of tooth organic propolis, pre-heating it to about 70 degrees.A decoction of mint, oregano and St. John's Wort is as well used however a gargle to reduce tooth pain, alone it will enjoy to make for 1-TWO hours. St. John's wort and oregano take on one part, and mint - TWO parts, then pour TWO tablespoon liter. Collection cup of boiling h2o, allow to boil, and seethe for TWO minutes on little warmth. When the compote, strain and rinse a tooth.Alike articles:Mask Early masks and skin careMask Skin care ChildbearingCover Facial.

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