Types of gum disease. Gum disease

CoverPeriodontal disease - inflammation of a simplest, which according to a current WHO classification is not considered a disease. Periodontal disease occurs however a consequence of insufficient load masticatory apparatus and does not require medic treatment, and demandes additional bodily burden to the teeth and gums. In order to avoid the externality of periodontal disease want be included in your dietary solid food, namely, whole nuts, recent fresh fruits and vegetables. This would not only be a exercise for a mouth, but also provide the body with beneficial nutrients.Gingivitis - inflammation of a gums moderate, accompanied by their bleeding, swelling, lightness vulnerability and bad breath. The inflammatory response in gingivitis affects the gums and tissue that surrounds the teeth. In fact, this is the initial stage of a terrible and occasionally incurable disease - periodontitis.Periodontitis - a rapidly progressive inflammation that spreads to the gums, dental tissue and bone. Launched periodontitis could get irreversible and result in a further loosening and loss of teeth.Similar articles:Cover Facial winterCover Facials satisfying in a eveningCover Face care summer.

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