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Nutrition for healthy teeth

MaskEating fruits and raw vegetables, although not however good however earlier, we are currently also able to - you can grow them at the cottage, in the village to buy, find good sellers in the market who know however to grow these fruits - then they can be eaten raw without fear.Fresh fruits and vegetables with a supermarket - it's varied, but even there you can find a lot of suitable items, if you try: Dentists are advised to pay efforts to the carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, celery, parsley, horseradish, onions, apples, orange, pears, kiwi - Cumulative nature in many fresh fruits, and pick your teeth can be a most delicious ever. All these presents of nature, raw and sweet, perfectly trained teeth, polish the spaces between them, massaging the gums, and also fill our bodies with nutrients, vitamins and minerals, and then it is much faster to cope with the infections.Eat a sweet pastries, so we love to do at lunchtime, do not, we do not alone spoil a great form, but as well put away from the hygiene of a teeth, and also we used to drink a pastry sugary drinks - tea, coffee, fresh juice of tetrapaketa, or even protein.By the method, chew gum of the meals may be only 3-5 minutes - that dentists say so, and we chew it for hours, and not just following a meal, but just same that, nothing else to do. Jaw joints to give extra loading and are constantly on their toes and teeth hygiene is as well not append.Like articles:Cover Facials and aging bodyCover Facials and masks poreMask Masks and skin care cream.

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